Sunday, June 17, 2012

Underwater Mystery

As with most interesting mysteries, an investigation only brings up more questions than answers. Such is the case with the intriguing disc-shaped object found on the floor of the Baltic Sea in June, 2011 by the Ocean X Team, a group of Swedish treasure hunters. The team returned to the site of the find in May, 2012, and what they were able to photograph only puzzled them further.

"The object appeared more as a huge mushroom, rising ... 10-13 feet from the seabed, with rounded sides and rugged edges," the team has posted on their website. "The object had an egg shaped hole leading into it from the top, as an opening. On top of the object they also found strange stone circle formations, almost looking like small fireplaces. The stones were covered in something resembling soot."

"During my 20-year diving career, including 6000 dives, I have never seen anything like this," said says Stefan Hogeborn, one of the divers. "I can't explain what we saw, and I went down there to answer questions, but I came up with even more questions."